Random Picture Post!

A fun goofy shot from a couple of weeks ago – we were in Ann Arbor getting Max’s Senior Pics taken!

Here’s a nice one! Can’t believe he’s a senior! So excited for what his future holds. 

Very excited about our next show at Williamston Theatre. I’m directing Beau Jest with an amazing cast! 

It’s a ton of fun, lots of love and laughter. Here’s an image of the set model. We are doing it in the round, and I am LOVING it. 

A couple rehearsal shots from different angles:

My daughter Maggie was excited – the Apple tree she planted several years ago matured enough to give us a nice apple harvest this season!

Boy, I just realized how long it’s been since I posted here! Wow. Life got busy. Since my last post a lot has happened: we wonBwst Play for the 2016/2017 Season with our production of 1984:

Jeanne got to stare at an eclipse!

We produced an amazing play, The Taming, by Lauren Gunderson!

And I made Maggie pose for a picture on her first day of college, so I could compare it to the picture of her first day of kindergarten. Amazing. So proud of this kid. 

And now, coffee, errands, rehearsal, and lots of other stuff. 

Happy Wednesday everybody!

2 thoughts on “Random Picture Post!

  1. We’ve missed your blog voice, Tony! However, this assembly shows it was worth the wait! Love sharing, especially those special family moments. Amazing how those kids get older and we remain perpetually young!!

    Very much looking forward to the next show!!!

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