So many things…

…to chat about, and so little time…

I will be attending a Tigers/A’s playoff game this weekend! YES!! I CANNOT WAIT!! They’ve beaten the A’s two games in a row in Oakland, and now come back to Detroit, hopefully to take 2 out of the 3 games here and win the American League Championship! If that happens, it’s On To The World Series! *Shakes head in disbelief, giddiness*

In other news, my son Max has a broken pinky finger. 😦 Poor guy! He’ll be fine, it’s taped up and healing and the Doctor says he’ll be good as new. And, as would be expected with my kids; a good story! He and his sister decided to turn part of the basement into a disco (?!), and hung my big heavy black flashlight near the ceiling on some rope and spun it around to get a very nice “Disco Ball” effect. *sigh* Unfortunately, while they were playing, it fell and smashed his little finger. (Thank goodness it didn’t hit him in the head!) Kids. You leave them alone for 10 minutes in a room that should be perfectly safe, and they STILL find a way to break something! Good news, though: We’ve proven that this flashlight is tough as nails! *laughing*

Ticket sales for Rounding Third at Williamston Theatre have picked up, but we still need more folks to come! Especially to our Saturday matinees which, interestingly, are our poorest sold shows by a wide margin. The great reviews helped, though, so yay.

Okay, LOST is back, and I’ve really liked the first two episodes of the season. No spoilers here, but I’m enjoying this show much more than I thought I would when it first came out. Still, though – if they don’t come through with some actual answers in a “this was the plan from the beginning” fashion at some point, I’m going to be annoyed. (The reason I gave up on X-Files years ago was that it became horribly apparent that there was no plan whatsoever, and all of these loose ends and mysteries and questions were not related, supported by the mythos of the show, or ever answered in any way – that was annoying. I don’t need everything wrapped up in a bow, but “NO resolution to anything, ever, too bad for you” is poor writing, disrespectful to fans, and just plain stupid.)

No more time to write today – too much work to do! Happy Thursday, all!

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