3 quick kid things in a row #3

Because my job keeps me up late a few nights a week, I sleep longer than Jeanne and the kids a few mornings a week.
We have a rule that says “On mornings when Daddy is sleeping late, we all have to kiss him goodbye before we leave for school.”
So, on those mornings, Jeanne and the kids come wake me up for a kiss and a hug and a “have a good day”, and then I sleep for another hour or so.
(A kiss from your wife, your 6 year-old son and your 8 year-old daughter is just a nice way to start the day.)
Usually they come in one at a time as they’ve finished getting their shoes/backpack/stuff ready for school and are heading out to the car.

This morning, Maggie came in and gave me a big kiss and squeeze, and said:

“You’re the best Daddy. If I had a whole big bag of Daddies, I’d still pick you.”

I’m a lucky guy.

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