We’ve just finished our first weekend of previews for Music From A Sparkling Planet.

Great audience responses – this was our most well attended preview weekend of the season, which is very encouraging!

We learned a few good lessons: some sightline things, some timing/clarity things in a couple of tough overlapping sections, stuff like that. We also learned that the story is being very clearly told, and that audiences are really enjoying it. Suzi is doing a great job directing the piece, and the cast members are all doing wonderful work. A handful more hours of rehearsal this week, and we’ll be Opening officially on Friday.

This show has been a big challenge for us – it’s our most technically difficult so far, as well as our most expensive so far. We have a couple of challenges left to solve; a couple of costume things, some squeaky doors, some little detail stuff. It’ll all be ready for Opening, and I can’t wait. Suzi and the design team and production staff have all done a great job of using our small budgets and small resources to make a beautiful show. There’s a moment, at the end of the play, where the whole room fills with stars…it’s just tremendous. The design and construction teams all deserve a big hand – we’ve had audience members gasp when it happens during the show, and the effect combined with the wonderful stuff being done by the actors at that moment…it really makes me proud of this company.

Check out some info about it at our website!

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