A loss…

There’s a sadness spreading through the Michigan theatre community today…
We’ve lost our friend, Randy Godwin.

I’m still in a little shock, I suppose – I think most of the people I’ve spoken with today have been. Spent the day with my kids, helping them do their Christmas shopping, but had a hard time staying focused. Kept thinking about different events from the years I knew Randy… and thinking about friends I’ve not spoken with lately and how I should.

I directed Randy in a few shows, stage managed him in a bunch, did a bunch of other projects and shared a lot of beers with him. In all of that, one memory sticks out that’s always made me laugh – and I’m grateful to have it:

Years ago, Randy and I went to a baseball game at Tiger Stadium. It was 1997, and the Tigers were horrible. Randy and I were one of a VERY few people in the stadium, and we were in seats in center field, right on the railing overlooking the field (right where the “Couch Potato Couch” was, for those who remember!). We were, literally, the only two in the section. We were leaning over the railing, drinking beers, and right below us was Bobby Bonilla – the Florida Marlins player. (At Tiger Stadium’s double deck, you were VERY close to the field – Bonilla was directly below and very close!) As we watched, an issue arose on the field – the scoreboard said one out, but there were two, and there was confusion. The stadium was so empty we could HEAR the players yelling to each other! In the midst of it, Randy yelled down to the centerfielder “Hey! Bobby! There’s TWO outs, right?!” – to our surprise Bobby Bonilla, without turning around, answered Randy by holding up two fingers outstretched toward us! We gasped, looked at each other like two 8 year old kids who’d had Mean Joe Greene’s jersey thrown at them, and I yelled “Thanks Bobby!!”, to which Bobby Bonilla did the fist bump wave as a “You’re welcome”!

We cheered for Bobby Bonilla the rest of the game.

It was one of the neatest, most unique moments I’ve had in a ballpark, and Rand and I talked about how cool it was for years after.

Rest in peace, pal.

6 thoughts on “A loss…

  1. Randy
    Thank you Tony,
    You were one of Randy’s favorite friends and we appreciate your thoughts of Randy. Keep spreading the good memories. It’s the way Randy always wanted it.
    Pam Fisher (Randy’s sister)

  2. We lost an amazing, amazing human being
    I did not know Randy very long. We were co-workers at Hector and Jimmy’s, but I can tell you that the short time that I knew him he not only touched my heart, but the heart of my Son Landon as well. I also know that he touched the hearts of far more people than any of us can ever truly quantify. He was such a unique and caring person.
    His humor really helped everyone come together. For instance, if he was looking to take a smoke break he would announce to anyone, and to no one in particular,(in his Ranger Tom voice!)…”I’m going to go and check the parking lot…just to make sure everything is safe.” He would then come back (after aformentioned smoke) and announce again to anyone and to no one in particular…”Everything is safe….no worries…Again everything is safe”. He was hilarious, generous, kind, great with kids, and most of all an extremely genuine person who was far too hard on himself.
    Oh! I have another funny moment to share. We were working a banquet together recently and it just happened to be a baby shower, and our job as servers is take drink orders and such, well Randy comes up to the expectant Mother and asks; “What will you be having today?” she answers; “I’ll just have a water.” To which Randy replies; “WATER???…IN YOUR CONDITION????”…….”how bout a scotch?”….It was classic Randy, and everyone around loved it.
    Randy please know the following……
    You ARE LOVED,and
    Rest Well My Friend, Rest Well.
    Love Always, In All Ways,
    Lara Slaughter

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