Wednesday night wrap-up.

A good day – got some good work done, got a job offer that I can’t talk about yet, had a great dinner with my parents, my wife and my kids! (London Broil – yum!)

Lost was awesome! Wow, I loved this season premiere, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. Here he explains to us why he wants Barack Obama to fail.
Sure, in the middle of a huge economic crisis, and with wars on two fronts, having the President of the United States fail is a good plan. Moron. (I can understand wanting your own political party to be in charge, but come on…)

We have a new member of the Williamston Theatre family:

Great article about being a dad. My daughter will turn 11 in a couple of weeks – that’s officially in the pre-teen neighborhood. Where, where, where do the days go?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday night wrap-up.

  1. EEEEEEE! Bunny rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Someone who’s clearly not Joe Z, ’cause no way would Joe Z squeal like a little girl over a cute furry land-mammal.

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