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  1. For the record: No, you don’t smell so good.
    And the deer can’t help it, they are poor defenseless animals, and you are taking them out at an alarming rate. Perhaps…just perhaps…you should put the deer whistles Jeanne bought you ON the car. I don’t know. I’m just saying.

  2. i think this is a simple case of mistaken identity…it is obvious the deer have you confused for their #1 most wanted deer hunter (wanted, of course, for deer genocide)…you simply must inform these deer that you are not he that they so diligently seek to take out…if you don’t do this, these kamikaze deer, one day, may succeed in their task and sadly, the real deer hunter will continue his spree…
    good luck, my friend…
    also: i’d look into old surpluss armored personel carriers…just until this confusion is settled…

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