A rule to live by

Most of the time when you see a collection of “Rules To Live By”, they turn out to be very thoughtful, sometimes Hallmark-ish, but often sweet and well intentioned.

I was thinking about that the other day, and realized that every now and then there are some minor revelations that I have in MY life, that I’d like to save and pass along to my kids. Then I realized that most of them were NOT going to fit in the “thoughtful, sweet and Hallmark-ish” category. So I started having even more fun recording them.

My current favorite:

There is almost never a reason to wash out paint rollers. (I know, some folks will argue this, too bad.) Cleaning them is a pain, takes forever, and they never work the same way again anyway. Life is too short to spend an hour of it hunched over a utility sink massaging a foam cylinder until the water runs clear – throw the damned thing away, get an ice-cream bar and go for a walk, it’s nice outside.

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