A good day, with a great ending.

Our “Entertainment Stimulus Package” One Day Sale at the Williamston Theatre went very well, lots of calls and visitors, and lots of tickets sold. Yay!

Then, with a little help, I managed to get a lot of work done on a few projects at work (thanks Erin!).

My Hedda Gabler rehearsal at MSU went well, then I stopped by the Williamston Theatre on my way home. The Gamma Rays rehearsal had gone well, everything is looking great for Friday’s opening.

Drove home, listening to and laughing at conspiracy nuts on am radio – wow.

Got home, it’s windy and very rainy – a sound on the roof that I enjoy.

I checked on the kids, re-tucking them in. Max, as usual, had taken his shirt off so I put that back on him and whispered that I loved him before checking on Maggie. (I always whisper things to them when they’re sleeping and I come home late.)

After fixing her blankets, I whispered in Maggie’s ear “I’m the luckiest Daddy ever.”

She smiled a little mischievous smile and whispered back “You got that right, bucko”.

Then she giggled quietly, hugged her pillow, and went on sleeping.

A good day.

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