Friday hodge-podge

We close Gamma Rays this weekend at Williamston Theatre – it’s been a fabulous run, this whole weekend is almost sold out! AND Hedda Gabler, which I directed at MSU, closes this weekend also! Both casts and crews should be proud and pleased – there was some wonderful work done both shows!

Spring Training has started. Oh, man, do I love listening to those games! 38 days until Opening Day!

This video is beautiful, moving and sad. The Rocky Mountain News is publishing its final edition today, after 149 years. Thanks to Mary919 for the link.

Okay, what would YOU do if someone called you at work and said “Activate your fire suppression system! Good. Now undress.”??? People are amazing.

Juggling sick kids can be tough. (Okay, re-reading that sentence, I’m now imagining trying to keep 3 sneezing, feverish kids in the air all at once.) I should say, it’s amazing how a child home sick from school can cause such an interesting schedule juggle: Which parent stays home, or do they split the day? Does the kid need to go to the doctor’s, because that adds another wrinkle? Does he have homework that needs to be picked up from school? Move the violin lesson? Check. Trip to CVS for Motrin, juice? Check. Does he have books he can spend the day reading on the couch? Check. Trip to Blockbuster so he can watch a movie on the couch, also? Check. This list is getting long for some stuff you need to get done on a Thursday morning…

Of course, having the sick kid home also offers some opportunities: I got to just be in the house with my son for most of a day, which happens far too rarely. I got to see how his yo-yo tricks are progressing (he’s currently obsessed). I made some homemade vegetable soup(which was good except I decided at the last minute that it should have bow-tie noodles also, and I put too many in and they soaked up too much broth). Got a chance to do some work for the theatre while sitting on my computer in my family room without the phones ringing, or other distractions, while my son slept on the couch on the other side of the room. We got to discuss the social relevance of the “Captain Underpants” books, (or we just discussed how they were funny, which may be the same thing…) So, a little change of plans for everyone, but a nice change of routine, also. Sometimes a little sniffle is just what you need to slow down for a day!

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