Miscellaneous Thursday Things

Toothache, which will lead to the removal of my wisdom teeth in 10 days. Whoohoo!

Daughter gets her first “love note” from a boy. Thrills her father by typing boy a note saying “You’re a nice boy, but I’m not ready for this kind of thing.”

LOST: continues to blow me away this season – so good!

This is a fun thing developing online – a little exploring will take you to a new ongoing online series by my friend Mike.

Coming up soon – Maggie’s 5th grade talent show, Max’s 3rd grade music concert. I LOVE these!

Spring Training is in full swing… which means ACTUAL BASEBALL IS AROUND THE CORNER!!

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Thursday Things

  1. Our girl is growing up!
    Maggie got a love note! Oh my God…she’s growing up! What an adult response she gave. Lucky you that she’s not ready for that kind of thing. Savor it…it won’t last forever!

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