A great weekend!

Panache at the Williamston Theatre got a fantastic review from Encore Michigan: Read it here. . That’s always a nice thing, I’m hoping it helps fill the seats: everyone involved has been doing great work that should be seen.

Rehearsals for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged have been going very well – my cast is hilarious and a ton of fun to work with.

I’m actually on a couple day break from rehearsal right now, though. One of the other fun gigs I got this year was directing the Otterbein Collge Senior Showcase, and I’m headed to New York for a couple days to work with the very talented group of students as they perform their Showcase for audiences of agents, producers and industry folks. It’s been wonderful working with them, their energy is fabulous. These performances this week will be the culmination of a lot of work over the last few months, and I’m really excited for them. I’m hoping, though, that the “This needs to get me an agent” pressure doesn’t weigh too heavily on them: I keep reminding them that either way this is the beginning of their careers, and it’s an exciting time!

And, as if that’s not enough excitement, Major League Baseball starts tomorrow!

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