5 Good Things On A Thursday Afternoon

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, Abridged got a a great review!

Star Trek opens next week!! Check out the website!

Rehearsals have begun for Flover, USA: Voices From Men Of The Midwest. Some great stuff happening with this production, I’m really excited about it!

Had a great night last night: Dinner with my wife, kids and parents (who have returned from their winter trip to Florida!)

We currently have another dog! My brother-in-law needed someone to take care of his Siberian Husky, Nanook, for an undetermined amount of time… so our cockapoo Sneakers now has a playmate!

Bonus Good Thing: My car is working wonderfully now. (Although, it did cost me $600, so maybe this isn’t as good as I thought…)

One Reply to “5 Good Things On A Thursday Afternoon”

  1. *laughing* They’re getting along pretty well, too! (Well, when Nanook’s not getting overly “friendly” with her!! I think she’s managed to dissuade him of that idea, though!)

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