Tuesday morning miscellaneous… and A QUESTION!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged continues to pack the house at Tipping Point theatre – that’s a good thing! Word of mouth on the show is great, so I’m hoping that continues when we move it to Williamston for the summer!

At the Williamston Theatre, we’re starting previews next week for our production of Flyover, USA: Voices From Men Of The Midwest. This process has been a crazy one, but director John Seibert and the cast, writers and staff are doing some really great work. I’m really excited in the quality of the material, and that this production, while having a similar feel to the first show in the series, will have it’s own very unique feel and style as well.

I’m happy that we’re getting a lot of good feedback about our next season at the Williamston Theatre. I’m very excited about it.

For those of you that read this journal entry, you’ll understand when I say that I took my Dad to see the new Star Trek movie yesterday, and had a great time.

To any Powers That Be out there, if I win the Lotto tonight, that would be helpful. Thanks.

LOST Season Finale is tomorrow! Very excited about that, but NOT about waiting 6 months for more LOST!

I go into rehearsals next week for A Picasso at Performance Network, so I’ve been doing a bunch of very cool research on Picasso and World War II. As I’ve learned more and more about Picasso, it got me to wondering:
When someone says “PICASSO”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Leave your answers in the comments, below! I really think the answers will be helpful. Thanks!!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday morning miscellaneous… and A QUESTION!

  1. Two things come to mind when I think “Picasso”. The picture of bald picasso in his black shirt. And the SNL sketch starring Jon Lovitz as Picasso, who pays for everything by scibbling on a napkin, signing it and screaming “Hey! I’m Picasso!”

  2. First, I think of his weird-looking art, like:

    Then I think of this piece, because it’s something that struck me in college and I bought a print of it. (I still have it hanging in my house, 15 years later)

    • Both of those pieces are great! That’s one of the things I’ve been most amazed with as I’ve studied his work for this play: the incredible range of styles and techniques!
      I don’t recognize the first one you posted, but God knows the man did a whole hell of a lot of paintings about women in chairs!!! The second one you posted, “World Without Weapons” is really nice – how cool that you own a print of that!

  3. Hey, The Pope; if you win the lottery, can I have a million bucks?
    The first thing I think of when I think of Picasso is Old man and the guitar (or whatever it’s called) from his blue period. That’s my favorite painting ever.

    • 1st – calling me The Pope makes me giddy with joy! *laughing* I told Emily and Chris about that at work, they laughed! 🙂
      2nd – I agree, that piece is beautiful! As I’ve been working on this project, I’ve fallen in love with so much of his work from the blue period!
      Thanks, Kate!

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