Tuesday Miscellaneous… just journalin’

Today’s LiveJournal entry: Me spewing stuff out of my head onto my keyboard so I can, hopefully, turn my brain off tonight when I try to sleep, because that has NOT happened the last couple of nights!

My son is 9 now. Jeez, when did THAT happen?! Watching him and his friends have SO MUCH FUN at his sleepover birthday party was a blast, and also a big reminder that he’s at that age now where he has a WHOLE OTHER LIFE outside of home. Oy, time is flying.

Started rehearsals for A Picasso at the Performance Network. I think it’s going to be wonderful, I really like the script and the cast, I just have to not do anything to screw it up now! 🙂 We’re also starting previews at Williamston Theatre for Flyover, USA on Thursday, and that’s going well. It’s an adventure and a half, making plays the way we’re making our Voices From The Midwest series, and although it’s draining it’s also exciting!

Our computer at home had a cup of tea poured over the keyboard… so as soon as I get to the mall to drop $49, we’ll be able to use our iMac again! It’s easy to forget how many times you jump on the internet to check something until you don’t have that option anymore!

The Detroit Tigers are currently in 1st place in their division. It’s by a tiny percentage point, but they’re there! 🙂

One of the lines in A Picasso has had me thinking about theatre, directing, choosing plays, how I choose the work I do… The line is “You paint about politics, the painting is no longer about the painting.” Picasso says it when he’s asked about painting a piece for political reasons, and he’s denying that he would ever do that, and saying that his art is always about the ART. Interesting topic and idea.

In completely non-Art news, I caught a bit of the Celebrity Apprentice finale, and Joan Rivers is, for lack of a better word, gross. I was appalled at the way she behaved. Ick.

Okay, no more time for spewing. Maybe later tonight after dress rehearsal, at home… from my iPhone!

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