Sunday Night Roundup

Great kid quote of the day:
My daughter looks at a hunting shack in the woods and says ” Cool! Look at that! That’s ancient! That must’ve been built in, like, 1980!” *laughing*

Got a new keyboard for the computer, nice. Now we get full access to the whole alphabet again! 🙂

Previews for Flyover, USA are going very well – good audience response, and the actors/crew are really getting into a groove with the show now. Some tweaking to do over the next couple of days; a handful of trims and additiions to the script and a little rearranging of some small scenes. Very happy with the piece.

Monday = Quality Family Time. Thank goodness.

This past week of rehearsals for A Picasso, at the Performance Network, went really well. The cast, John and Emily, are really digging into the piece and we’re having a great time exploring it. This is a production I’m really excited about – it’s thoughtful, smart, witty, meaningful and really engrossing. It’s also a fun “format”, because it’s a Full Length One Act, so it’s about 75 long with no intermission, and the story just drags you along.

The Detroit Tigers are in FIRST PLACE in the American League Central by 3 games! It’s too early in the season to start really counting that as an indicator, because there’s a LOT of baseball left to be played, but it’s a great start!

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