Being grateful…

So I’m sitting here, after trying to go to sleep and failing.
Thinking about a ton of stuff – you know those nights. Nothing complicated, but a bunch of simple thoughts running around in your head.
It’s raining outside – I love that sound: another simple thing, but one of my favorites.

Yesterday was a great day off. I spent the whole day with my wife and kids: a relaxing morning, a trip to Lowe’s to get some stuff for the yard. A little yard work, a little game of catch, followed by a wonderful afternoon of fishing where we landed a ton of keeper-sized bluegill and sunfish. Then a nice evening of cleaning, cooking and eating the fish (along with a bunch of yummy grilled food) and enjoying the weather in the backyard with our neighbors. It was wonderful. At the end of the night though, as I thought about going back to work in the morning, I had one of those Ugh – back to The Grind moments and dreaded going to work when I woke up.

Today, however, I had a great conversation with a friend, about work, life, people.
We were discussing different work situations that we’d both found ourselves in over the years, and I was reminded how really lucky I am. I have the opportunity to go to work with people that I like and create plays – something I love doing – with people I like being in a room with… people who are quality human beings. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of that – sometimes the hectic pace of our lives can make us zip right past the most basic truths of our lives. I was lucky enough to get a reminder of that today, and it’s had me thinking all day long: “Next time those Back to The Grind moments happen… I need to shut up and count my blessings.”

Sometimes, it’s as simple as that.

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