FLYOVER, USA gets a great review!

Encore Michigan has published the first review of FLYOVER, USA, which we opened last night at the Williamston Theatre.

D.A. Blackburn had some wonderful things to say about the show in his review, including his opening paragraph:

It’s been a year since Williamston Theatre unveiled the first installment of its Voices From The Midwest series, but the second work of this trilogy, Flyover USA: Voices from Men of the Midwest, is clear evidence that it’s been a fruitful interval.

He praises the actors, their poise and their clear enjoment of the work. He also heaps praise on the script and writers:

Moreover, writers Dennis E. North and Joseph Zettelmaier have taken a cue from Maidens in giving Flyover an honest, conversational tone, with an economy of language that amounts to simple eloquence.

And he wraps it up with a very nice summation:

…as the play reminds us, men of the Midwest might not like to admit it, but there were more than a few watery eyes at Williamston Theatre Friday. Thankfully, there were plenty of laughs, too.

To see the whole wonderful review, go here!!

Congrats to the cast, crew and production team for this show – I’m really proud of all their work!

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