Williamston Theatre Gets 10 Wilde Award Nominations!

The Wilde Awards, awards given out to the Michigan Theatre industry by Encore Michigan and Between The Lines Publications, announced their nominations today.

I’m very pleased to report that the Williamston Theatre received 10 nominations! Congratulations to everyone at WT: nominated or not, everyone who worked there this year made it a wonderful season (and it’s not even over yet!)

With nominations for Best Comedy, Best Drama , Best New Script and more, I’m really proud of all the folks who helped to make this a great year at the Williamston Theatre and incredibly grateful, as well.

Click HERE to see the complete list of nominees.

Click HERE to read the accompanying article, which is also a wonderful summary of how the Michigan Theatre industry navigated through a very tough economic season.

7 thoughts on “Williamston Theatre Gets 10 Wilde Award Nominations!

  1. Congratulations!
    Great to hear about the theatre soaking up some well-deserved nominations.
    Have a great run with “Flyover USA.” And I’m sure “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” will be a hilarious romp this summer. I saw a national tour at the Kennedy Center a few years ago. What a crowd pleaser. It’s perfect for Williamston Theatre.

      • sorry this response took me so long…things are good! Kinda crazy right now-some big changes coming up but all good changes- will share more about that soon when I have more details! Benjamin is awesome-he is just getting the crawling thing down. It cracks me up!! Of course I shriek like crazy with excitement whenever he does any little new thing. It’s like he cured cancer or something! But I guess to a mommy and daddy it is all a big deal right!?
        Sounds like things are going really great at Williamston-I am so glad!!! Hope all is great with you!

        • Hey Beth! Good to hear from you. It really is amazing every time they do something new, isn’t it? I just came back from Maggie’s final orchestra concert of the year, and was amazed at how big she’s getting! She’s playing the bass, it’s so great to watch her up there, doing something she’s loving!
          Things are going good at work. We’re paying most of the bills, got some nice award nominations for the season. (The Pulsar awards just happened tonight while I was at Maggie’s concert – John and Christine went! We won two awards, one for Set Design and one for Lights). I’m excited about next season, I think it’s going to be great.
          You need to post more! We want baby pictures and stories!!

          • That must be SO amazing to see your kids do things like a concert. Maggie plays Bass- that is so cool! When Benjamin does something like that I will probably cry through the whole thing!! Congrats on the awards. That is great! Yeah I need to start posting again….I just like reading yours!

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