So Much Going On!

What a couple of weeks it’s been!

Opened A Picasso at Performance Network. Reviews are still coming in, but they’ve been all positive. The performances are generally being regarded as “WONDERFUL!”, which is nice to see, because both actors are wonderful! 🙂 In fact, a new review just came out from the New Monitor: “Taut, compelling” and “Performance Network has saved the best for last”!

Began rehearsals for the re-mount of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged at the Williamston. It’s going well! The show is so much fun! Performances start next week!

My kids are away at Summer Camp. This has been a tough thing for me! They’re having a great time, and healthy and growing and making friends and all that stuff… but it’s the first time they’ve gone. It was hard to just leave them in the woods with strangers, you know? Everyone says Summer Camp is a good “growth ritual” and “rite of passage” for kids… well, I’ll tell you what – it’s the same thing for the parents!

The Detroit Tigers are in first place by 5 games! After last year, I didn’t expect this at all, but I’m loving watching this team play this year!!

My wife, Jeanne, is training for a triathlon. She’s been working out and running and swimming and biking – it’s amazing. I’ve been so inspired that I started biking to try and get my big belly into shape! This morning’s trek: 4 miles on the hilly, dirt, Island Lake Road. Fun, sweaty, and freaking exhausting. I know some folks bike lots and lots… I’m still adjusting, and 4 hilly miles is tiring! But I’m loving getting back in shape!

Time to go – shower, eat, check the mail.

Maybe I’ll have a letter from my kids! 🙂

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