Looking for your help!

We’re making a new play, at Williamston Theatre, and we’re looking for input!

Anyone who lives in the American Midwest, or lived there at some point in your life, we need your stories and thoughts!

We’re creating the 3rd installment of our 3 Season project Voices From The Midwest. We’ve done shows exploring the lives of both men in the Midwest and women in the Midwest. The final installment in this project will be Home: Voices From Families Of The Midwest, in Spring of 2010.

We’re creating these productions using input and submissions from folks all over the Midwest. The submissions are used to create scenes, stories, dialogue, songs, or just as idea-starters for the writers of the project.

So, help us create this exploration of life in the American Midwest!

Download the MS Word or the PDF version of the questionnaire, and fill it out as much or as little as you like – answer one question or answer them all – and email the completed document to us at the WIlliamston Theatre! (The email address is in the questionnaire!)

Go HERE to find the links to download the questionnaires!

I would love love LOVE to have all of your input on this show.

Thanks in advance for helping!

2 thoughts on “Looking for your help!

  1. I sent one in and forwarded the form to several people I work with. I’m hopeing you’ll get a least a couple from them. I think the project is a great idea.

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