Thursday thoughts

Only a couple more weeks of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged left at the Williamston! If you’re in the area, stop out and see the show that Don Calamia of Encore Michigan said had him “laughing pretty much non-stop throughout the performance!”

Tonight Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox pitched a perfect game. 27 up, 27 down. That’s an amazing thing! Check out the story here!

Tonight we took the kids to see the new Harry Potter movie, and they loved it! Well, Maggie loved it – Max was a little saddened by some events (which I won’t reveal here) even though he knew they were coming, since he’s read the book! Still, good time was had by all!

This link was posted by my pal mary919, and it’s really wonderful: National Health Care: What are we afraid of?!

With one show running for a few more weeks, but our next show not going into rehearsal until September, it’s an interesting time at work. LOTS of prepping for what’s coming up: big renovations to the restrooms and the heating/cooling systems to the theatre and lobbies, a season launch party, and a very exciting fourth season of plays at the Williamston Theatre. Even though those things are all a little ways down the calendar, it’s NOW that all the prep happens, and it’s fun but also a huge list of things to-do, which makes my to-do list look like it’s NEVER getting smaller! When I do have a good day, though, and knock a big handful of things off of it, it’s very fulfilling!

The other thing that this time in the calendar is letting me do is SEE some theatre, which has been wonderful. Coming up this week, I think, are trips to see shows at the Michigan Shakespeare Festival and the Windsor Fringe Festival – looking forward to both!

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