Wednesday Morning

Last night we had a wonderful round of callbacks for The Smell Of The Kill at the WIlliamston Theatre. Kristine Thatcher is directing this show for us, and we got to mix-n-match a whole bunch of great actors as we worked on casting the 3 women needed for this dark, edgy comedy! Fun!

If you’ve not yet seen it, several folks on LJ and Facebook have pointed out the new video from Weird Al Yankovic: It’s a tribute to Charles Nelson Reilly, and it’s hilarious!

I think our vacation this year will be to Mammoth Caves. Jeanne and I went there many years ago, and had an incredible time going on the Wild Cave tour! This time, with the kids, we’ll do some camping and cave-touring! I can’t wait!

A busy week this week – we’re wrapping up The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged at the Williamston Theatre, and already well under way in our prep for next season. And next week… building renovations!! Whoohoo!

Oh, and we’re going to have an apprentice or two at Williamston Theatre next year! VERY excited about that – if you know someone who’d be interested in the position, have them contact me! 🙂

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