Cuz we didn’t have ENOUGH things to worry about!

NASA says they don’t have enough money to keep a lookout for asteroids that could wipe out our planet! This can’t be good, right?! Didn’t they see DEEP IMPACT?!

I mean, isn’t that like having a big giant sailing ship, like the Black Pearl, with no one up in the crow’s nest looking for…well, icebergs? (I’m pretty sure I’m mixing some metaphors here.) When the crew of the Jupiter II slept, didn’t they leave the Robot watching the sensors, or at least looking out the windows?!

Does this mean they’ll not be watching for UFO’s either? How will we know if the Vulcans swing by our solar system to check us out?

What about looking DOWN? Is anyone still looking down at the Earth? (Now, I’m just assuming that we’ve always had surveillance under the surface of the planet – otherwise how will we know if whatever race of creatures it is that live in the center of the Earth decide to tunnel up and take over? Is my first warning of this going to be when a giant gopher/soldier creature burrows into my yard and establishes a perimeter around my garden?)

I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight.

2 thoughts on “Cuz we didn’t have ENOUGH things to worry about!

  1. More bad news. As universities lose funding for philosophy and spirituality programs, there may be severe existential threats on the horizon that nobody is looking out for.
    (not trying to belittle the NASA thing, just adding to the weirdness.)

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