Moving forward!

At The Williamston Theatre, when you enter the theatre from the front lobby, normally you’re Stage Left and looking over and past the stage, to the Stage Right seating bank.

Right now, when you enter the theatre, what you see is this:

That’s the big sheet of plastic that the construction guys have put up, to protect the theatre space and the rest of the seating banks. (You can see a couple of our red theatre seats of the front row/center section on the bottom left of the picture!)

The plastic is necessary, because the seating bank that WAS Stage Right, along with the women’s restroom that used to be the reason that we could only have two rows of seats there, now look like this:

Yep, the restroom and old seating bank are GONE! Neat! The shot above is taken from the door of the Light Booth, looking straight out. The sheet of plastic and the rest of the theatre is off to the right.

Below is a shot from directly across from where the above pic was taken.

This shot is looking directly toward the light booth, from Upstage to Downstage, where the new and improved stage right seating bank will soon be located. If I took this shot in a week, it’d be looking over a whole bunch of beautiful red theatre seats!

It may not be much to look at right now but, in a few days, it’s going to be fantastic!

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