A moment of pride… and then of being smacked down to reality! :)

Was running errands this evening with my kids, and we were talking about how school is going, how things are different in their grade this year, etc… and they started discussing how different it must be to be an adult.

(Since I barely consider myself one, I wasn’t sure I was a good judge, but I played along.)

As we continued talking, conversation turned to what THEY might be doing when THEY turn 40.

My son says “I want to have a bunch of money, so I can open a hospital where it only costs a dollar to get healthy. There are too many sick old people and sick kids and they should be taken care of and it sholdn’t cost them money.”

I think that’s a pretty cool thing for a 9 year-old to say, and I tell him I’m proud of him, that’s a very thoughtful, helpful thing for the world. He then says…

“Of course, I’ll need a lot of money. So I’d better do something COMPLETELY different from what YOU did, huh?”


It was hilarious. True, of course, but hilarious nonetheless, because he was so honest and thoughtful about it. Ahh, kids.

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