Wednesday Wrap Up: Quick HIts

Sleepy, but a little mind-racey from a busy, productive and exciting day.

Great Dress Rehearsal tonight for An Infinite Ache. Looking forward to previews a LOT with this show, very excited to get an audience’s reaction and continue polishing.

The Tigers can win the American League Central with a win tomorrow afternoon. I may have to take a long lunch at any bar with a TV.

Re-named the LiveJournal blog: “Tony101” was something randomly chosen years ago, and it was time for it to go. Now it’s just instead of I also like it because it’s a better name-match with my website, Of course, Tony101 will continue pointing there, so folks can still access it. And it’s always clickable from, too, so there’s that. (Now that I’m typing this, I’m realizing is probably due for some updating, too!)

South Beach Diet still continues to go well – I’m sort of amazed that I don’t find myself craving bread and sugar and pasta, but I don’t! I’m also amazed to find myself fully satisfying a “sweets craving” by having one sugar-free pudding!

Started looking at plays for next season…then stopped. Decided my little brain couldn’t really do that until I got this show open.

Hey, Michigan is officially shut down right now. The State Government failed to pass a budget before midnight, so the whole state could be screwed for a while (even worse than we’ve already been lately). Well, things just keep getting exciting. I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to really wonder how much the State Government shutting down is going to mess up my month, I’m just too sleepy.

The renovations at the Williamston Theatre (new bathrooms, foyer painting, new seating arrangement) are just wonderful.

There’s a FROST ADVISORY tonight?! Wow.

Rehearsals have been keeping me on a schedule OPPOSITE that of my family lately, so the kids and Jeanne and I made a play-date for Saturday morning! Not sure what we’ll be doing yet, but I can’t wait! 🙂

Looking forward to the premiere of Stargate Universe on Friday! And I enjoyed FlashForward last week, hoping that turns out to be a good show.


Okay, The Sleep… it’s calling to me.

I think I’d better listen to it.

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