Trying to go to sleep on Thursday

Best Quote I’ve read all day:
“Trying to convince people that you’re not an asshole is much harder than just not being one.”
-Shane Nickerson

Yep, we’ve all known some of those guys, eh?

I’m currently trying to go to sleep. The “I’m starting to feel lousy” from this morning has turned into a full-blown “I feel really lousy and achy and gross now”, which is always fun…except that it’s not at all fun.

Unfortunately, as I’m feeling lousy I’m also trying to get a job done, so I’m looking over lots of scripts for scenes and rejecting most of them. I expected to be finalizing these next week, but it turns out the preferred deadline is this week – unfortunately this week has been crazy busy, and that coupled with the aforementioned “feeling lousy” may get in the way of the preferred deadline. Still, I’ve got some better options than I had at the beginning of the week, so we’re getting close.

The final reviews came out for An Infinite Ache, and overall they were very good – hopefully good enough to sell a lot of tickets. I love this show. The spirit, the odd structure, the magic of it, the performances and the simplicity of the production – everyone involved was really operating at the top of their game, and it’s definitely one I feel honored to be a part of.

I no longer have the strength to look at scripts, computer screens, or anything but the inside of my eyelids for the next several hours.

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