Sunday Night Balancing Act

Surrounded by goodness at the moment… and a lot of things waiting for my attention, as well!

Today was a wonderful Fall day – had the good fortune to take several walks, the air has that awesome Autumn smell.

Currently watching the New York and Anaheim game… hoping Anaheim makes a late-inning comeback! (But it’s not looking good!)

As I watch the game, I’m surrounded by a pile of scripts, notepads and pages of scenes. I’m preparing to start rehearsals (in about 10 days) for This Wonderful Life at the Williamston Theatre, which will be a lot of fun. I’ve also spent the weekend working with students on some scenework, so I’ve got those next to me here. It’s been a good, productive weekend.

So as I sit here at the computer, on my screen I’ve got my to-do list open, my Evernote account with a bunch of notes open, a screen with my calendar open. A whole bunch of the things that are waiting for me to take care of are all here, and lots of things that aren’t here are lurking quietly in the background (“Hey, Tony, remember how you need to paint the outside trim on the house? I’m still heeeeeere!”)

My son has a fever and is feeling a little yucky. That’s worrisome. We’ll see how he’s feeling in the morning… may need a doctor’s visit.

Ah, the fun escapes, the daily chores, the fun work, the less-fun work, the many reasons we do them all.

And the Angels, after scoring a run to make it a hopeful 3-2 game, just gave up two more to the Yankees, so they’re losing 5-2 now, and they’ve got the bases loaded with Yankees, bottom of the 8th. Nope, not looking good!

Back to my scripts!

Life really can be a wonderful balancing act, can’t it?

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