Worrisome news

This isn’t good for anyone:

Financial Woes Put BoarsHead Theatre On Hiatus

The BoarsHead is cancelling their upcoming show and going on hiatus until after the first of the year.

Running the only other professional theatre in the immediate Lansing area, I can tell you that this is a disheartening and disappointing turn of events. I hate to see those folks out of work, and I fear for what this could mean to the theatres in the area. (At the Williamston Theatre we are definitely feeling the effects of the economic downturn like BoarsHead, as are most theatres – I truly hope this is not the beginning of a trend that could be devastating to the Michigan Theatre industry.) Send good vibes and prayers to everyone affected by this.

BoarsHead, as an insitution, has been around for a long time and has meant a lot to a lot of folks – and still does. I hope the temporary break will allow them to come back strong.

In other worrisome news, the local school millage didn’t pass – this is also extremely upsetting. Frankly, I’m shocked. I can’t believe that we’re allowing our education systems to take these hits over and over, and yet still expecting them to turn out students competitive with students from other countries that are, according to the research, passing us by in educating their youth. (“What research?” you ask – See this Washington Post Article on the PISA test.)

Yes, I know – throwing money at the problem isn’t the way to fix it. Of course it’s not the only solution. But it helps, and schools NOT getting money and having to layoff teachers and cut programs is NOT helping either. Properly spent money WILL help improve conditions and results for schools – more money DOES equal more resources, research, staff, faculty and opportunities for our children. This rejected opportunity to help our kids grow is extremely disappointing.

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