A week of being thankful…

Thankful for a LOT of things this week…

Thankful for my family, friends, coworkers.

Thankful for my job, and the opportunity to do what I love.

Thankful that my son is feeling better. On Thanksgiving he wasn’t feeling well at all, so he and I stayed home from the big family gathering so he could rest – it was a very quiet, restful father/son Thanksgiving, with some leftovers brought back at the end of the day. We had a great time just being together.

Thankful for the great cast, crew and production staff of “This Wonderful Life” – and thankful for our fantastic Preview and Opening audiences.

Thankful for the great review of the show, and the opportunity it offers us for advertising, as well as the recognition of everyone’s hard work.

Thankful for some family time this weekend, including a wonderful visit from my brother, sister-in-law and nephews today!

Thankful that, although I’m very late in discovering it, I’ve been introduced to the chocolate-dipped-wrapped-in-geeky-goodness-awesomeness that is the music of Jonathan Coulton!

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