5 thoughts on “Cuz it made me laugh

  1. Tapes of History
    Tony, do you or anyone you know have an interest in the video tapes from the productions done at Huron High? I still seem to have them in with all of my other stuff. If you know of anyone, please let Jeanette know.
    Don H.

      • Re: Tapes of History
        Let me know. Needles to say I have no use for them at this point. It would be great if they could find a home. I forgot to mention in my last note. The one man show was outstanding! It managed to keep my attention and interest the whole time. My congratulations to all involved.

        • Re: Tapes of History
          I spoke with Dave, he said to say “Thanks a bunch”, but he’s got them all, and doesn’t need any more. He did suggest that the Huron High School media center might be interested, if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing!
          I’m glad you guys enjoyed “This Wonderful Life” – I wish the box office had told me you guys were going to be there, I would’ve made sure to stick around to say “Hi!” – Hope to see you there again!

          • Re: Tapes of History
            It would have been great to see you and provided me the opportunity to build up your ego a bit!
            I have no contacts at the school, so I guess I will hold on to them for now. They must be near the end of their shelf life by now. I have converted all of my other tapes to DVD in an attempt to extend their life a bit longer. Keep up the great work!

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