General post celebrating some things that make me happy

My birthday was terrific, and my birthday get-together was also terrific!  Grizzly Peak has Bitter Tony’s Rye Bitter for a few more weeks, get out there and drink it, and let me know when you do!  🙂

Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Undead – the vampire-meets-Shakespeare film we’ve all been waiting for!!  Check it out!   *laughing*

Rehearsals for It Came From Mars are going very well, we’re having a lot of fun playing with this silly romp!  I think audiences will laugh their butts off at this wonderful cast!

Tomorrow is the "reveal" of the iSlate, or iTablet, or whatever Apple’s new "tablet touch-screen" thing is!  I’m excited to see what this is!  (Yep, can’t help it, I’m a gadget geek!)

Last night I got home in time to take Maggie to her basketball practice, and Max came with me and brought his ball.  While Maggie worked with her team at one of the nets in the gym, Max and I had a great time shooting hoops and playing around at the other end.  The kid is as short as I was at that age, but his shot is getting better, and he’s fast!!  (What?!  Yes, I’m still short.  I make up for it with my rapier wit.  Shut up.)

I got Stephen King’s novel "Under The Dome" for my birthday, and I don’t have a ton of time to read right now, but I just couldn’t resist and read the first 2 chapters last night while laying in bed.  I’m not sure that was a good idea, because now I want to stop doing anything else and just read the rest of it!  D’oh!

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