Wednesday Link-O-Rama

These are great!  30 Dumb Inventions!  I think my favorite is the Phone Answering Robot, just because I really want a giant robot hanging out by my desk.

Williamston Theatre is 3 for 3 with reviews for <i>The Smell Of The Kill</i>!  Here’s the latest:  "Moving In For The Kill"

"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" – The Literal Version.  An oldie but a goodie, this is hilarious. 

Jonathan Coulton sings what has become one of my favorite songs: THE FUTURE SOON– this song is fun, sweet, and full of love for geeks!  🙂
(As a bonus, here’s him singing CODE MONKEY, which is also awesome!)

Awesome Picture:  The Space Shuttle Endeavour silhoutted against the Earth.

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