Thursday’s Good Things

It’s a chilly March day but I’m listening to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price, the voices of the Detroit Tigers, as they broadcast the Tigers Spring Training game from Lakeland, Florida.  This day, the first broadcast of the pre-season games, is always a little giddy-making for me!  🙂

I’m thrilled to say that The Smell Of The Kill is closing with strong houses and appreciative audiences at the Williamston Theatre this weekend.  (There are still some tickets left, so if you’re reading this and want to catch the show, call quick!).  The show will then move to Tipping Point theatre in Northville, MI, where it will enjoy a healthy run of 5 weeks.  People are really really enjoying this dark comedy!

In addition, the next show that we’ve got coming up at Williamston is our co-production of IT CAME FROM MARS, which is currently getting fantastic reviews at the Performance Network in Ann Arbor!  I’m very pleased and grateful for the wonderful responses from audiences and critics both!  Links to the reviews are below:

Encore Michigan
Detroit Free Press
Ann Arbor.Com
New Monitor
Michigan Entertainment
The Oakland Press

One of the nicest comments, and one that makes me proud of the whole team: 
It’s thrilling to see all the elements of a fledgling production fit together so seamlessly. Of all the works by Michigan playwrights I’ve reviewed over the past two years, "It Came from Mars" is the one most likely to be staged a century from now. 

And, if that’s not enough good stuff, last night I got the chance to sit and watch some TV with my son, who has been very excited to share with me a show that’s been around for a while but that he has just discovered, "Avatar: The Last Air-Bender".  It’s a very cool fantasy/sci-fi cartoon, and I think it’s something that we’ll love watching and sharing time over.  I love, love, love finding those things that I can share with my son!

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