A Day of Filling The Well

Julia Cameron, in her book “The Artist’s Way”, talks about Filling The Well, the idea that sometimes you need to renew your creative spirit. Once in a while all of our reservoirs run dry, and you just need to replenish and nourish that reservoir of energy and creativity.

Today was a day like that for me. A day full of wonderful things, and things of wonder.

We had a great family morning: breakfast, cleaning up around the house a little, then Max and I played a little JUSTICE LEAGUE: HEROES on the XBox! 🙂 Time well spent with my son laughing, strategizing and beating up pixelated bad guys with pixelated superheroes!

Following that, my brother Dominic brought his wife and kids over, and both families went to Max’s last basketball game of the season. (His team won, and they played well and had fun!)

THEN, Dominic, his wife Alesha, and Jeanne all went to Williamston Theatre to see THE SMELL OF THE KILL, and I stayed at home with both of my kids AND both of my nephews, ages 1 and 3! We had a ton of fun, those boys are awesome. It’s been a while since I got to sit with a baby – well, he’s technically a toddler, I guess, since he’s over 1 and walking… but he still needs a bottle, naps and diaper changes, and it was fun to do all of that and remember what it was like doing it with my kids! Best moment: He was just about to fall asleep on the blanket on the floor, when he sat up, got a *very* sad looking face, walked over to where I was sitting on the floor and snuggled up to me with his head on my shoulder. After cuddling him for about 30 seconds, he was out like a light! Such a sweetheart! 🙂

So, after all of that, (everyone had a great time: the adults loved the play, the kids loved the playtime), I was able to catch up on some emails, some reading for work, and went to see a play: Tipping Point Theatre’s closing performance of a fabulous production of THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS, a story about Eppie Lederer, the woman who was Ann Landers, directed by my friend Quintessa Gallinat and starring Julia Glander. It was a really lovely show, truly one of those “See, THIS is what theatre can do!” type of productions – loved it, was inspired by it. Got to chat with some friends before the show and after, and then was lucky enought to sit in the lobby and watch Julia have a chat with the woman who was the younger sister of Ann Landers’ husband! The story of Ann Landers/Eppie Lederers marriage was a big part of the play, and her husband Jules was discussed quite a bit… and then here in the lobby was, in the flesh, his younger sister telling Julia how much she’d loved the play, and her portrayal of her sister-in-law! The whole thing was very moving, and inspiring, and pretty darned neat!

I think Julia Cameron is right, about Filling The Well, and there’s something really wonderful about having a day when you don’t PLAN for it to happen, but it just happens anyway!

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