A great Thursday

I spend a lot of my life being grateful for my family, and for my job, and being thankful for what I have. Lord knows I also spend a bunch of time worrying about what I/we don’t have.

Today was a great reminder of how lucky I am. We had a great rehearsal, I had some wonderful discussions about how to keep our theatre growing and, hopefully, prospering. After I got home, I had a great time chatting and laughing with Jeanne about life. Most of all, I got to be at my son’s school this morning as his class did their presentations of biographies of important people in history. It was really neat, and all the students were wonderful.

I’ve known that Max was working on this project for a while, he’s been excited about it. And, since I am a big nerd/science geek myself, I was pretty excited when he chose Neil Armstrong as his subject. The kids each had to fill up their big tri-fold screen with info about their subject, and they were placed all around the library. Then the parents came in and sat down, and all the kids stood in a row and did 5 line “teasers”, inviting people to check out their displays. Following that, the parents walked around the room checking out all of projects.

Max’s teaser? “Hi! I got my license to fly before I got my license to drive! In 1969, I was the first person in history to step foot on the moon! Think you know who I am? Then moonwalk over to my presentation to see if you’re right!”

And moonwalk I did, and so did lots of other people. It was so great to see him proudly greeting people as they came to see his display, “Would you like to see a picture of Neil Armstrong in his spacesuit? This is a replica of a 1969 newspaper from the day that he walked on the moon!”

Such fun. And not only did he know his stuff, he was proud and confident as he shared it with everyone there. And near the end, after he posed for a goofy picture, as I was giving him a we’re-in-school-and-I-don’t-want-to-embarrass-you fist bump, he wrapped his arms around me in a great big hug and said “Thanks for coming Dad, I love you!”

Yeah, I’m a lucky man.

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