That’s the question I’m getting from lots of folks, after we’ve announced the next season at the Williamston Theatre!

Most of them say “That’s so cool!” after that, some say “Oedipus?! REALLY?” *laughing*

Sure- it’s a classic. It’s a great story, and should be an incredibly fun challenge to stage in our space, as well as a rewarding storytelling challenge. I can’t wait!

SO, my question is:


9 thoughts on “OEDIPUS?!

      1. We did designs for Oedipus in my costuming class in college. I had the boy who led the soothsayer dressed in a costume made from scraps of the soothsayer’s old garments sewn together. My favorite bit was that I dressed Oedipus in bright white at the end with the plan of having the lighting designer flood the stage with white light and we could blind the audience with his realization.

  1. Oedipus
    My son in high school teaching a puppet workshop for elementary school kids & choosing “Oedipus” as the script they dramatized with puppets as an example. (They later clarified that they used only the riddle scene.)

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