Oh hi middle of the night!

So, this is 3am. I’d almost forgotten what it looked like. Fortunately, my friend “You don’t really need sleep” showed up to remind me…

As I lay here I’m thinking back through the day – a pretty good day, I’ve decided.

Lots of stuff accomplished at work, which is always nice. I mean, let’s face it – some days I go in with a plan and that gets tossed the minute I get there and replaced with whatever is running around on my desk flaming. OR it gets replaced with a trip to Starbucks, and THEN I tackle the flaming running stuff. OR I go to Starbucks and stall for a few hours, hoping the flaming stuff just falls asleep and puts itself out. (This last one has never actually happened, but I heard a rumor that it sometimes CAN, so I will continue to experiment)

I assume everyone’s day is like this, though.

And then when I got home, some nice family time! Maggie performed her class presentation about Belize for us (“and so, I think things are looking up for Belize in the near future!”) and Max showed me his class project which for some reason consisted of making a menu for an invented restaurant (I’m fuzzy on the details of this project, but it’s fun). He not only picked some great dishes to sell (pepperoni sugar cookies, frog-juice tea) but he also came up with hilarious descriptions of the dishes: “Salad – made with lettuce stolen out of the hands of a woman on the east coast of Africa” and “Taco Cake – you don’t need to know what’s in this.”

Ah, good times. Now, I’m going to try and sleep and pretend like I can’t hear the makings of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich calling me from the kitchen.

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