Sitting outside, on the deck, while the kids jump on the trampoline. It’s a beautiful evening. A little buggy, but this is Michigan. Mosquitoes are a part of the deal.

I am rewriting this journal entry. It can’t decide what it wants to be. Sometimes I write here, and it’s for me. Sometimes it’s for anyone who decides to read this. Sometimes I write knowing that this’ll appear on Facebook, and I’m still questioning whether I even want to bother with Facebook or not. And sometimes I write feeling a little weird that this is featured on Encore Michigan when I won’t be writing about anything theatre related. Usually I think the best writing comes when I don’t worry about that stuff and just write. So I’m gonna.

This entry is about family. Friends. People who matter to you. I wrote it, I rewrote it. It got long, sentimental, too much… muchiness, to quote the Mad Hatter. So I’m streamlining. The long and short of it is this: I had a couple doctors appointments recently and it turns out that I’m in okay health – not great, but okay. Also this week, though, I found out that a friend is in less good health, and has a battle ahead.

So I’m sitting here watching my kids jump on the trampoline and laugh, and I’m thinking about the mosquitoes and the seasons changing and the people in our lives.

And I’m thinking I’m fortunate to have a huge amount of wonderful people in my life, and I should let them know who they are and thank them more often.

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