It’s Awards Season in the Greater Lansing Area!

The Williamston Theatre won several awards recently!  
Pulsar Awards (The Lansing City Pulse):
Best Play Of The Year: This Wonderful Life
Best Actor in a Play: John Lepard, This Wonderful Life
Best Ensemble Acting: The Smell Of The Kill
Thespie Awards (Lansing State Journal):
Best Original Script:  It Came From Mars, by Joseph Zettelmaier*
Best Actor in a Play: Aral Gribble, An Infinite Ache 
     (The Best Actor award had a footnote saying "Coming very close was John Lepard in This Wonderful Life", another Williamston show.)
Best Director of a Play: Tony Caselli, It Came From Mars*
Best Supporting Actress in a Play: Teri Clark Linden, The Smell Of The Kill
Best Ensemble Acting:  It Came From Mars*
We also got two special Thespie mentions:
 »Chris Purchis, for stepping into Williamston’s “The Smell of the Kill,” the day after Teri Clark Linden was injured in a car accident; Purchis carried a script, but convincingly leaped into the physical role.
»And Linden, for being back in the role the next week.
Congratulations to all of the theatres, nominees and winners of both awards- what a great way to celebrate the wonderful amount of theatre in this area!
*It Came From Mars was a co-production with the Performance Network, so congrats to them as well!

6 thoughts on “It’s Awards Season in the Greater Lansing Area!

      • Re: It’s Awards Season in the Greater Lansing Area!
        I wish we did something like that here. A local radio show used to do a ‘best of’ but skipped it last year. I started giving awards my last year at ATY. Anyone who had been in a show could vote on ‘best show’, ‘best actress’ etc. One little devil wrote in things that the Anchorage Concert Association had brought up instead of our work (:

        • Re: It’s Awards Season in the Greater Lansing Area!
          Start an awards event! Or just a friendly “Let’s celebrate everyone’s season of theatre!” event. (In a lot of ways, that’s how I view all of the awards around here. It’s nice to get nominated, and to win, but even so it’s still like reviews: a handful of opinions. What I enjoy about them more is that there are folks celebrating a local industry, and that’s important!)

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