Forward, forward…..

Today we met with the budget committee. They’re the portion of the Board of Directors that pour over the budget that we (the staff) submit to them for approval. We’ve submitted next season’s budget, and today we answered their questions about the numbers, planning, philosophy and strategy behind it. We’ve still got one show to go this season (and it’s going to be a fun one!), but this afternoon we had big discussions about what comes next.

It’s always a little worrisome, but also an exciting day because it’s another step forward – we now have the approval of the committee, and they will recommend to the whole board that the budget be approved and adopted. I’m excited because they’re supportive, cautious, but enthusiastic. They asked good questions, and had us explain WHY we were doing some of the things we were doing. And they agreed when, as we were discussing doing Oedipus in the middle of a recession, I quoted Christopher Ashley and said “Unless you commit to the whole range of what theatre can be, you haven’t created an interesting theatre.”

We’re blessed that our board and donors believe, as we do, that what we do is important. That it makes a difference.

So, with a lot of work, a lot of luck, and a lot of support from a lot of wonderful people, we will continue to pursue our goals for a fifth season… Making good theatre. Building a home, a place where people gather. Shepherding stories from the ether to the here, because it’s one way to make the world a better place.

I think it’s going to be a good year.

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