A fun night…

So after a wonderful Opening Night at the Williamston Theatre, I got home late to a sleeping family.

My wife and daughter were in their beds as expected.

My son was not.

This isn’t unusual – during the summer he makes it a challenge to sleep in a room OTHER than his bedroom as much as he can. I dunno, he’s 10, the kid’s a fruit loop, what can I say? It’s part of why I love him so much!

So I wandered into the family room, and sure enough there he is, sleeping on the pull-out sofa hide-a-bed couch thing.

And he’s surrounded by a bunch of multi-colored glo-sticks.

I have no idea why this is the case.

I mean, I see no other evidence of any kind of giant rave that went on here. There is no state fair in the backyard selling the these glo-sticks. And I don’t remember anyone in the family ever sleeping with a bunch of glo-sticks before.

For now, I’m going with the theory that he’s been training as one of those guys who helps guide planes around the runway, and he worked a late shift and forgot to leave his glo-sticks at work.

This leaves me with three thoughts:

1) If he’s working for an airline, can we get discounts on tickets now?
2) I’m pretty sure that my airplane theory will be debunked in the morning.
3) If glo-sticks are the worst things I find him sleeping with, I’ll consider that successful parenting.

3 thoughts on “A fun night…

    • Re: Glow Sticks
      Turns out they were party favors from a birthday party he’d gone to, and they were cool so he was playing with them in the dark as he was going to sleep! So it wasn’t a landing marker for alien spaceships or anything, which I thought might be cool!

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