Onward and upward, step by step!

I’m very pleased to report that, with our final production still only halfway through performances, the this season at the Williamston Theatre has been our most successful yet, in terms of attendance and box office income!

This continues a trend of growth that we’re proud of – each of our seasons so far have seen an increase of attendance by at least 15% over the last, we’re looking forward to the seeing the numbers once this final show of the season has closed.

SO – are we rolling in dough and getting rich? Nope. BUT – Are we keeping the doors open, providing quality professional theatre to thousands of people annually, and providing work to actors, stage managers, directors, designers, administrators and crew? Yep.

Want to help us keep doing that? Click HERE to donate online! No amount is too small – share the link, get everyone you know to donate $5! πŸ™‚

And, even more importantly: See theatre!! Check out FIVE COURSE LOVE, and order some tickets! πŸ™‚ Only 3 weeks left!

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