My kid is hilarious, part 47

My kids spent the week with my parents at their place up north, out in the woods on the Thunder Bay river. Sometimes we refer to it as “the cabin”, but it’s not, really, it’s a regular house… “cabin” is just the default term for “place up north in the woods by the river”.

They had a great time, fishing, swimming, going on trips to the Upper Peninsula to see things like the Tahquamenon Falls, cool stuff like that. They also relaxed around the house and played games and watched tv.

Today, my son says to me, in that breathy rushed voice kids get when they’re excited about something, “Grandpa and I watched the COOLEST SHOW! It’s a mystery show, we watched a bunch of episodes, like, a MARATHON! You follow the story, and try to solve the mystery as it goes on! I really love it!”

“Oh yeah?” I say, “Sounds neat!”

“Yeah!”, he says “It’s SO neat! It’s mostly about murders, but not always, and it’s just a really good show! You would totally love it!”

“It’s called Matlock!”


My dad and son are bonding over Matlock.


Cutest. Thing. Ever.

2 thoughts on “My kid is hilarious, part 47

    • I love it! And I can totally picture my dad, shirtless, sitting in his recliner with my son, shirtless, reclining on his grqndpa’s belly, snuggling up and watching MATLOCK!! *laughing*

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