A nice Thursday!

The Williamston Theatre is taking part in the Renegade Theatre Festival in Lansing this week – tonight was our reading of Joseph Zettelmaier’s new play “And The Creek Don’t Rise”, and it went wonderfully! This show will be our summer production at the end of next season, and this is a great opportunity for Joe to hear it in front of people for the first time and plan his attack on a second draft! The audience tonight was very responsive, and we got some very useful and positive feedback.

When I got home, I found the cherry pie that my family had brought back from the Cherry Hut! I forgot that Jeanne and the kids picked one up when she drove up to bring them home from camp on Wednesday – so an incredibly good slice of pie was a nice way to end the night. If you’ve not been to the Cherry Hut, it’s in Beulah, Michigan, in the northern bit of the lower peninsula, and it’s fabulous! http://www.cherryhutstore.com

There’s a ton of stuff going on the next few weeks – we’re starting rehearsals in about 10 days for the first show of next season, I start rehearsals for the show I’m directing at MSU, I start teaching my class at MSU, Annie Martin and I are continuing to work on our adaptation of Oedipus (which is proving to be a fabulously fun challenge), the kids and my wife start back to school soon. We’ll be busy, and happy.

I’ve got a ton of stuff I’d like to blog about concerning some of those projects, but it’ll have to wait until another night – right now, I need to get some sleep!

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