Good things

BLUE DOOR is in rehearsals at WT. Love it.

AMERICAN CLOCK rehearsals are going well for me at MSU.

I taught my first college class in a couple of years on Wednesday. Well, day one was mostly syllabus work,
the really fun stuff begins this week!

My kids start school tomorrow! (I’m putting this under “good”… They may not agree! 🙂
I can’t believe they’re in 5th and 7th grades already!

Williamston Theatre won some awards! The state’s biggest theatre awards, The Wilde Awards, were held last week and Willamston Theatre won 5 of the 7 we were nominated in. Some were for our production of THIS WONDERFUL LIFE, and some were for our co-production with the Performance Network of IT CAME FROM MARS. Congrats to all involved, and to all the theatres for a great 2009-2010 Season of theatre in Michigan!

If you’re not watching WAREHOUSE 13 on the SciFi Channel (or, sorry, SyFy now!), you’re missing a really fun show!

Saw the film GET LOW with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray – it’s wonderful. Go see it!

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