Brain Dump: Random Tuesday Thoughts

A rainy morning, which is nice. I like waking up to the rain, especially on a day that I’m hoping will be a restful, relaxing day off. It’s been several weeks since I’ve had one, and I’m hoping to milk this one for all it’s worth! 🙂

Sleeping in has been nice, but it’s 9:30 and time to get going! Errands to run, a scene to write, a play to read and grades to enter into the computer. But, since it’s my day off, some of that will be done relaxing in a coffee shop!

BLUE DOOR previews at Williamston are going well. It’s a beautiful, powerful show, and I hope we fill the seats because the work of the cast, director and designers is really wonderful and moving.

My kids are growing up so fast. Max is starting his orthodontics phase already, Maggie will be a teenager in a few months! Speaking of Maggie, we have a funny ritual: in the morning when they’re all leaving for school, if I’m still in bed, the rule is that they all have to come in and kiss me goodbye. Normally Jeanne will kiss me goodbye and we’ll chat for a sec about the day. Max will jump on the bed and give me a big hug, and then will always be still trying to find his shoes, so he runs off to search. Maggie comes in and comes over to my side of the bed to hug me and kiss my cheek and usually says “Bye Daddy, I love you! Have a good day!”, and then I say “Love you, have a good day too!” but then I always add a reminder for her to NOT do something silly. For instance, “Love you, have a good day too! And remember, do NOT bite anyone on their head today” or “Remember, no throwing food in math today!” She then says “Awww, maaaaaannnn….” and sulks out in mock dejection as if I’ve taken away her entire game plan for the day. Makes me laugh every time. 🙂 I hope these little things are things the kids will remember long after I’m gone…

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