Friday Night Good Things


•iPad owners:  The Pulse News app is fabulous.  It’s a really great way of having all your favorite news sources, blogs and websites gathered together in one place.  It lets you easily post any article that you read about, and it’s extremely user friendly.  It’s become one of my most used apps.  Check it out!

•Williamston Theatre got two more great reviews today for Blue Door.   I have to say, I’m really proud of the work the whole company did on this show – we are telling a moving, important story, and telling it well.  Audiences are moved, we got 5 fantastic reviews, and we are continuing to build a reputation for doing good work.  See the reviews HERE and, also…. over HERE!

•One of my favorite quotes from today’s reviews:  "Like all Williamston shows, Blue Door sends its audiences home with much to ponder and discuss."   That’s an awfully nice thing to read, and I hope it continues to be true.  

•Saw the Performance Network’s production of Sonia Flew this evening – what a beautiful show!  Some wonderful moments, great performances, and a beautiful story… or two!  

•GREAT production meeting for Greater Tuna this afternoon.  Karen Kangas-Preston is making me laugh with costume designs already, and we don’t start rehearsals for another 10 days!  This show is going to be fun!

•I think our dogs had a long day:

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