Things Worth Smiling About… today’s list.

•The woman who lives inside my iPhone is French? Today when I used the voice command to call my friend Spencer, I said "Call Spencer" – Spencer’s last name is Lyons, pronounced like the animal: Lions. The woman who lives inside my iPhone scanned my contacts list and repeated my command back to me: "Calling Spencer Lee-ohn". I’m unsure why she decided to try and prove how much more worldly she was than me, with her big accent, but at least she got the number right.

•33 guys spent 69 days trapped underground in a collapsed mine, and today they all got out. Amazing.  The engineers who made that rescue happen are true heroes.

•We still have 5 performances left of Blue Door, a show that critics raved about, and tickets are selling nicely. It’s a change of pace from our normal offerings, but audiences are loving it, and leaving the theatre entertained, moved, and thoughtful. People keep saying to me "It’s a risk, that show, with your demographic", and maybe it is, but it’s a beautiful, moving, theatrical story and one I’m very proud to have on our stage – I’m very pleased that people are enjoying it.

•We launch into a ridiculously fun show next week – rehearsals start for Greater Tuna, and I’m really looking forward to this rehearsal process! Working with two of my favorite actors on a fun, fun play full of laughs and challenges – what job is better than that?!

•My daughter had curlers in her hair tonight. Tomorrow is "Formal Day" at school, everyone dresses up – so tonight she was checking out her outfit, and came out with a beautiful dress, hair in curlers, wearing these little high-heels. *sigh* I am unprepared for my little girl to grow up, and I’m not ashamed to admit that with my huge pride comes a huge wish to hug and squeeze her and make her stay my little girl forever!

•I am a big fan of how Hell’s Kitchen is doing two hours per week this season. I love that stupid show. I don’t know what it is, but I love watching them cook the food and either make it all work or crash and burn. Maybe watching them go through the process each service is just similar enough to a condensed version of a rehearsal process that it resonates with me? I dunno. Maybe I just like the chef’s jackets… Either way, I really want to eat a well cooked beef wellington.

•Soon I’ll get to start working with the Otterbein University MFA Senior Class on their Senior Showcase.  I’m looking forward to it!  I’ve been honored to work with them for the last two years, as well, and it’s an exciting project.  

•Big rainstorm today – with the leaves falling, and Autumn all around, the air smelled absolutely fantastic.  I love this season.  

2 thoughts on “Things Worth Smiling About… today’s list.

  1. Hell’s Kitchen
    Love that show too. Restaurants and theatre do offer some similar risks and rewards for those doing the work.
    The thing I always want at the end of the show? A properly cooked and seasoned risotto.
    (Freaky. I type “risotto”, and I can hear his voice! Gordon Ramsey’s voice now possesses that word in my head, along with “beef wellington”. And “donkey”.)

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